Safe Harbors

50,000 Bed Nights - A Campaign to Support Asylum Seekers 
Helping the only permanent “Immigrant Welcoming Shelter” in Southern California
scale facilities and operations to meet a growing need at the US/Mexico boarder. 

How might we best meet the needs of incoming refugees and established community members in Southern California? 

A successful fundraiser and strategic roadmap that will allow Safe Harbors to scale facilities and operations in order to support vulnerable
populations that come through the US southern border.


Research: Stakeholder Interviews, Ethnographic Research, Survey Research, Data Analysis
Design: All campaign-related print and digital assets
Content: Strategy and content for all platforms
Marketing: Strategy, Production, Execution, PR, Events

The arduous journey to the US southern border has challenged the spirits and strength of thousands of refugees. For those who have been granted entry into the US, finding a way to meet basic needs can be just as difficult as the long road they took to get here.

Safe Harbors Network (SHN) is a coalition of organizations, individuals, and congregations that supports documented refugees as they await their immigration court date in the US, a process that can take up to 6 months.  

SHN’s priority is keeping families safe and together. To this end, they provide legal, health, educational, and counseling services through generous contributions from community supporters. Through hard work and open hearts, they have been able to provide a temporary home away from home for those who have risked everything for the betterment of their lives and the lives of their children.

As of 2019, the Safe Harbors “Loft” at Christ Ministry Center in San Diego, CA is the only permanent “Immigrant Welcoming Shelter” in Southern California, according to the United Nations and Church World Service, and the only one of nine along the US/Mexico Border. Since its opening in 2016, the Safe Harbors “Loft” has helped over 7,000 immigrants and refugees––mostly women and children––by providing shelter beds as they await their immigration court date.

I was approached by the SHN community to lead a fundraiser that would help the organization meet the needs of an influx of refugees. A deep dive revealed that organizational and brand evolutions were needed, in addition to funds, in order to meet operational goals. We devised a strategic roadmap that allowed SHN to fundraise and make internal changes in parallel. We called our campaign “50,000 Bed Nights” after the number of (guests x nights) we planned to host. Over the course of six months, I worked closely with SHN leadership, at-risk communities, and established San Diego residents to develop and execute the campaign. Together, we created an experience that authentically communicated the stories, needs, and aspirations of vulnerable populations.

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