2021 Paris Peace Forum

Coordination, rules, and capacities that answer global problems.
Using Strategic Foresign and Diegetic Artifacts to facilitate global perspectives around AI and governance futures 

Walking down the street on your way home from the market, you see it. As you near, the handwritten text is unmistakable: Data Potluck! What’s that? The poster continues, “Help build our community’s resilience and knowledge base by contributing your data.”

If this seems out of place, or even strange, then this “artefact from the future” is doing its job.

‘Data Potluck’. A diegetic prototype created for a workshop facilitated by School of International Futures (SOIF) and Korber Stiftung at the 2021 Paris Peace Forum on the future of AI governance. 

Participatory Futures Workshop

This artefact is one of four created as part of a multi-session event at the 2021 Paris Peace Forum. I collaborated with School of International Futures (SOIF) and Korber Stiftung who designed and delivered a workshop that explored the futures of AI governance with a global group of experts. These experts, who came from various fields and sectors, co-created insights on how we might govern Artificial Intelligence. 

The engagement focused on the issues facing communities, organisations, and governments as they seek to take advantage of the benefits of AI. They also anticipated intended and unintended consequences of this emerging technology, in the hope of managing or mitigating them. Results from discussions can be explored on the AI Governance 2040 website

Design Briefs

Participants used a range of foresight tools and methods to explore critical questions and issues captured in artefact design briefs. I worked with Dominique Vassie to create the artefacts overnight, based on the priority issues and themes discussed by the workshop participants. The artefacts were designed to speak both to the heart and the head. This provided a different point of entry for exploring questions about AI governance. See the artifacts in action 

Using Diegetic Artefacts

The participants used the artefacts to identify policy levers and options in an effort to reflect upon effective Artificial Intelligence governance. The diverse group of participants brought a global perspective. They stressed the need for multi-stakeholder governance approaches beyond Western-based values and worldviews.